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I grew up with the knowledge that my name meant 'Warrior Princess.' My father was a Chiropractor (And is still practicing! WOW!) and from a young age I knew about benefits of holistic health. When I was 21, I began my time serving in the United States Army, as an ‘American Warrior.’ I served just shy of seven years on active duty, deploying on two tours to Afghanistan. After an Honorable Discharge as a Staff sergeant (SSG), I was a military spouse and mother throughout my husband's Army career.  Upon his retirement I pursued Master's Degrees in both Holistic Health & Wellness and Herbal Medicine, from the American College of Healthcare Sciences (ACHS) out of Portland, Oregon.  I decided  to create a Holistic Herbal Apothecary in the area, not only to create a much-needed resource for like-minded people in the area, but also educate the community about the valuable health benefits of holistic health and herbal medicine.  I ultimately decided on the name "Peaceful Warrior Apothecary," as a tribute to my name, as well as my service in the Army.  While still a ‘Warrior’ at heart, my goal now is to be a 'Peaceful Warrior.' 

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